Privacy Policy

About This Site

Please see the about page for complete information about this site and my project.

This my version of a simple privacy policy. The structure of this page is based on sections of the default WordPress privacy policy template. This policy is in no way exhaustive and is provided for informative purposes only.

Data Collection and Use

By accessing this site the following information may be collected:

a) Your IP Address
b) Your Device Model and Operating System Version
c) Your Web Browser and Web Browser Version
d) Any Search Queries on this site
e) What Pages you’ve viewed on this site and the date and time of viewing

This information is only used for analytics, security, and administrative purposes within this site and its third parties. See the third party section for information about how this data is shared and used with third parties.

Data Shared with Third Parties

Information collected mentioned in the Data Collection and Use section is shared with third parties for the purposes of analytics, security, and administrative use internally.

1) CloudFlare

This site uses CloudFlare for site optimization and security. CloudFlare acts as a transparent service between the website and users which applies several different web optimization technologies to make web services as responsive as possible.

CloudFlare also enables extra security features such as DDoS protection and bot blocking.

CloudFlare provides tools to help protect against access to the site by non-legitimate visitors.

Your IP address may be logged by CloudFlare as part of its security and analytics tools.

If you are accessing this site through any VPNs, proxies, or similar services which use a shared IP address, your session may be flagged as a false positive and may be subject to a JavaScript challenge (bot check) or a Captcha challenge. This may only be necessary once within a given time frame (once an hour, every six hours, etc.)

I reserve the ability to block any IP address attempting to access unauthorized areas of the site (including the admin areas). IP addresses may be logged for this purpose.

2) Google Adsense

This site uses Google Adsense to monetize content. As part of this advertising Google and its affiliates may place tracking cookies in your browser storage. Tracking cookies may be used to deliver “personalized advertisements” which may differ based on your web activity and whether you are signed into a Google account. To learn more about disabling personalized advertisements, please click here to read more from Google.

To remove advertising tracking cookies at any time, you can clear your cookie storage from your browser’s settings menu.

You can block advertising cookies completely by installing a privacy extension from your browser’s web store.

3) Google Analytics

This site uses Google Analytics to help identify user engagement. Google Analytics collects the following data for use with this site:

a) Time and date of viewing pages
b) Information about your device such as user agent, operating system, and device type (ie: phone or tablet)
c) Model of mobile device if applicable (ie: Apple iPhone, Samsung Android)
d) Your Geographical Location based on your IP Address
e) Your Referrer (another site you clicked from such as search engines or social media)
f) The search term entered in Google to get to this site

To opt-out of Google Analytics install the Google Analytics opt-out addon from your browser’s web site or use another privacy based addon.

Opting out of Google Analytics does not prevent the use of analytics directly on this site.

Google Analytics can potentially collect information beyond this but those listed above primary details I use when looking at views to my content and site.

This information is used to see points like what other sites refer to my posts, what viewers search to find my posts, and if there is a region that views my posts more than others.

This allows me to update popular posts more often and create content based on topics that viewers are more interested in.

4) Embedded and External Content

Embedded, External, or content from other websites (such as videos or images) may connect to other sites or services. I am not responsible for the content or accuracy of external sites or services. Outside links are provided as a helpful reference only and are not guaranteed to be completely accurate or up-to-date.

5) Comment section and Disqus

This site uses Disqus for comments. Disqus is an embedded service that adds a comment section to the site. As part of commenting, your IP address and username may be logged and visible only to site admins and moderators.  

Last revised: July 23, 2020