iPhone 5


The iPhone 5 was announced in September 2012.

Technical Specifications

There are two released variants of the iPhone 5.

The N41AP version is sold in North America for use with carriers in the United States and Canada. The N41AP model is a GSM-only version designed to support North American LTE bands.

The N42AP version is sold in the US for CDMA networks including Sprint and Verizon and is also sold globally for international carriers on both CDMA and GSM networks. It supports LTE, but on different bands than the N41AP model.

ReleasedSeptember 2012
Price$199* USD (2-year contract)
PredecessoriPhone 4S
Screen Size4" display
iOS 7
iOS 8
SoCApple A6
CPU1.2 GHz Dual Core
Storage16, 32, 64 GB models

Software Releases (CDMA/International)

This listing is for the CDMA (Verizon and Sprint) and international GSM variants sold outside of North America.

This is only for model N42AP.

iOS 6.0

Version Release Number: 6.0

Build Release Number: 10A405

Manual Update Download

This the the first iOS release to ship on iPhone 5 models.

iOS 6.0.1

Version Release Number: 6.0.1

Build Release Number: 10A525

Manual Update Download

This update fixes issues with battery drain for some users.

iOS 6.0.2

Version Release Number: 6.0.2

Build Release Number: 10A551

Manual Update Download

This update fixes issues with WiFi.

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