iPhone 3GS


The Apple iPhone 3GS is a discontinued version of the iPhone released in 2009.

Network Availability

The Apple iPhone 3GS is no longer available from authorized retailers.

The only carrier in the US to officially support the iPhone 3GS as an authorized retailer was AT&T Wireless

Unofficial Unlocking

Software Unlocks

In the United States, an iPhone exploit generally known as Jailbreaking can be used to unlock the phone for use on any network without consent, knowledge, or approval from the carrier that the iPhone has been locked to.

The direct term for jailbreaking an iPhone to allow it to operate on any network without activation through Apple is referred to as “Hacktivation”.

Older, Legacy methods for the iPhone unlock the phone through jailbroken applications including yellowsn0w and ultrasn0w. These methods are considered software unlocks and usually require an older baseband and firmware version. Updating a “software unlocked” iPhone will remove the unlock and may prevent the iPhone from being unlocked again if there is no software unlock available for the new update.

More recent software unlocks allow the iPhone to be unlocked during the jailbreaking process by selecting an additional option in the jailbreak program.

IMEI Unlocking

The iPhone 3GS supports IMEI unlocking through unlock codes.

Unlock codes can often be purchased through websites online or eBay sellers.

Keep in mind that buying unlock codes unofficially purchased from these sellers are at your own risk and are not supported by your carrier or phone manufacturer. Sellers may not always return your payment if there is an issue.




Exploit (Jailbreak Method) Version Supported on iPhone 3GS
purplera1n 3.0
Star (JailbreakMe) 3.0
limera1n 3.2.2 – 4.1
greenpois0n 4.1 – 4.2.1
Saffron (JailbreakMe) 4.3 – 4.3.3
unthredera1n / unthredeh4il 4.2.6 – 5.1.1
evasi0n 6.0 – 6.1.2


The “Purple Rain” software exploit program, stylised as purplera1n is a freeware GUI utility for Windows and Mac OS X.

The program was developed by George Hotz (geohot) and released in October 2009 to jailbreak Apple iOS devices running version 3.0

The program operates as a “one-click” jailbreak solution.

More technical details and in-depth information can be found on [The iPhone Wiki purplera1n page


The “Lime Rain” software exploit program, stylised as limeran1n, is the successor to purplera1n.

Also developed by geohot and released a year after its predecessor in October 2010.

limera1n supports iOS versions 3.2.2 through 4.1 on the 3GS and newer.

Full extended information can be found on The iPhone Wiki limera1n page.


The “Green Poison” software exploit program, stylised as greenpois0n, is a jailbreak solution for Mac OS X and Windows.

greenpois0n was developed by Cronic-Dev team and released for use with iOS versions 3.2.2 through 4.2.1

Full information and details can be found at The iPhone Wiki greenpois0n page


Also known as JailbreakMe 3.0

JailbreakMe methods codenamed “Star” and “Saffron” can be used as a jailbreak solution directly on the actual device opposed to other methods that require a computer with a USB connection.

The jailbreaks are ran directly in Safari through JailbreakMe.com using exploits developed by comex.

The Saffron exploit supports 4.3 through 4.3.3 on the 3GS model and was released on July 6, 2011.

Full information and details can be found at The iPhone Wiki Saffron page

unthredera1n / unthredeh4il

unthredera1n (Unthreaded Rain) and its improved variant unthredeh4il (Unthreaded Hail) are a set of jailbreak solutions for Linux and Mac OS X, but not Windows.

Not much actual information is known about the developer or the exploit itself.

The source code is available from Github

iOS versions 6.0 through 6.1.2 are supported on the iPhone 3GS.

More information is posted at The iPhone Wiki unthredera1n page

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