T-Mobile G2x


The T-Mobile G2x by LG is the American version of the international LG Optimus 2x. It is the third phone in T-Mobile’s flagship line phones including the G1 aka HTC Dream, the G2 aka HTC Vision (Desire GSM Version) and the LG G2x aka Star.

It is the world’s first dual-core CPU phone powered by NVIDIA Tegra.

The G2x (initially) ships with Android 2.2 Froyo but is officially upgradable to Android 2.3 Gingerbread.


The G2x has the following custom features as of 9/4/2011

-Official ROM Manager / CWM "fake flash" support
-TegraFlasher "real flash" CWM to NAND support
-CyanogenMod 7 Official support
-MIUI support

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Here’s a reference thread for the G2x forum on xda-developers.

At that reference thread link above you will find a list of rooting methods, guides, ROMs, kernels, and more.

Here’s the official Development forum on xda-developers.

The Development forum at xda-developers is a serious, well organized place to find up-to-date, active community threads if you are looking for a ROM or kernel to flash.

Official Instructions for flashing can be found at those links.

CyanogenMod on the G2x

Tegra and Recovery

The NVIDIA tegra CPU makes flashing more difficult because ROM Manager cannot hard NAND flash a CWM recovery.

ROM Manager is only capable of “fake flashing” CWM onto a SD Card. This means that if your G2x gets stuck in an unbootable state or your SD card gets erased it might become impossible to access recovery mode. Fake flashing is currently listed as the official method to install a custom recovery during the CyanogenMod install process.

It is safer to use the NVFLASH tool to hard/perma flash the CWM recovery to the NAND.

[RECOVERY][APP]Update 9-03: One-Click ClockworkMod NvFlasher at xda-developers forum

Click the above thread link. That thread will explain everything.

Basically, extract the flasher download and then follow the exact instructions to install the driver. Next follow the steps to actually flash the recovery.

The 5.x.x.x recovery is newer. The 4.x.x.x recovery is older and more stable.

InternalSD support means the recovery will use the SD memory on the inside of the phone.

ExternalSD support means the recovery will use the SD CARD like most other phones.

Manual Install

Manually Download and Install CyanogenMod

To install CyanogenMod follow the instructions on the CM page link above.

Be sure that the SD memory that you copy the files to matches the SD memory used by the recovery you selected.

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