The HTC One S is the American T-Mobile variant of the HTC One X.

The One S features lower system specs compared to the flagship One X model, including a Dual Core CPU instead of a Quad Core. The American variants of the One series generally have lower specs than the One X to balance consumer pricing. HTC decided it would not be appropriate to market higher cost quad core phones at carrier subsidised pricing. The HTC One S and V models were the solution to this.

The One S is T-Mobile’s flagship HTC phone for 2012. The One series is the first line of HTC devices to ship with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich stock. Despite ICS’s support for on-screen keys, the One series has capacitive keys, in the standard ICS layout: Back, Home, and Recent Applications from left to right. The HTC One series also features Sense 4 UI.

The One S features 42 Mbps HSPA+ data speeds, 1 GB of RAM, 16GB of user storage, and a 4.3″ qHD screen. The camera is the same 8 MP 1080p setup seen on other recent phones.


ReleasedApril 2012
Price$199 USD
AvailabilityUnited States - T-Mobile
PredecessorHTC Amaze
TypeGSM Phone
OSAndroid 4.0.4
CPUDual Core 1.5 GHz
Storage16 GB Internal NAND



There is a “one click” toolkit available for the One S. This is an easy to use Windows program which is designed to be more user friendly than the manual method listed below. This tool is not maintained by Ultimate Phone Guide nor can we provide official support for it. All credit goes to the tool’s

The flashing steps in this guide are a simplified version of the Unlock / Recovery / Root Guide by torxx – xda-developers
Credit goes to the OP.


All HTC devices including the One series ship with a locked bootloader (S-ON) to prevent damage from modification. However, most HTC devices have an officially unlock able boot loader (S-OFF) which can be unlocked through the HTC developer website at

To unlock the boot loader go to HTC Dev – Bootloader Unlock and select your device (T-Mobile HTC One S) from the dropdown menu to begin the process. Read the disclaimer on the website and read all directions before continuing.

The HTC boot loader unlock is designed officially by HTC and is safe to use. However, it will permenently void your warrenty and label ***TAMPERED*** in the HBOOT menu. HTC will not be responsible for what happens to your device after the unlock process. This will not remove the SIM-lock.

After following the steps of the process the device should be unlocked. You can also verify this in the HBOOT menu.


Once the bootloader is unlock you can proceed to flash a custom recovery from xda-developers.

ClockworkMod Touch Recovery for HTC One S

The link above is a direct download link to the official touch enabled CWM recovery from koush. Updates are other official recovery releases are at

This next step involves setting up the Android SDK. If you have not already done this, see Using the SDK/ADB for diagnostic purposes.

Now that the SDK has been setup and you have followed the five steps to use ADB commands. You can now flash the recovery.
Download the recovery linked above.

Copy it to the same directory where your command line is set for ADB. This is usually something like “Desktop/android-sdk-windows/platform-tools/”.

In the command prompt type:

adb fastboot flash name_of_file_goes_here.img

The flash should be successful. Now type adb reboot recovery to reboot into the new recovery.


The name of the zip file will be different based on the version. Check the name during the download.

Download the SuperSU Direct Download
In recovery go to mounts and storage > Mount USB Storage.

Make sure the phone is still connected to the computer.

Copy the file onto the root of the sdcard.

Once the file is copied over you can press the back key and return to the main menu of the recovery.
Now go to: Install zip from sdcard > choose zip from sdcard >

Then choose the reboot system now when it completes.

When your phone reboot into Android it should fully rooted with a custom recovery, ready to flash a custom ROM and/or kernel of your choice.

Custom ROMs

This list was taken from the official reference thread at XDA forums. I take no credit for the list, any of the ROMs and am not responsible for outcomes of these ROMs.

LeeDrOiDâ„¢ for HTC One S


Black Dragon – HTC One S

CM9 for HTC One S

Zero One S

TrickDroid – HTC One S

Noble Series – HTC One S

Official – HTC One S


Zydroid – HTC One S

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