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Introduction / Review

The Samsung Galaxy Exhibit (codename: Ancora) is sold in the United States from T-Mobile on both its contract and Monthly4G prepaid plans.

The Galaxy Exhibit is the succesor to the original Samsung Exhibit & is a variant of the Samsung Galaxy W. It is a good example of a mid-range Android phone.

Mid Range Affordable Power

Under the hood it features a Qualcomm Snapdragon with 512 MB of RAM. It’s not a dual core but most non-intensive apps run fine without live wallpapers running.

Average “No Contract Phone Quality” Camera

The Galaxy Exhibit has a 3.2 MP camera which isn’t too great compared to the similar Galaxy W’s 5 MP camera. However unlike most lower end phones the Galaxy Exhibit does have a LED camera light as well as a front facing camera for photos and video chat. The cameras are great for Skype, but don’t expect to take any great photos with this phone.

Average Plastic Samsung

Like a lot of other Samsung phones, this phone seems to be built from the cheapest plastic money can buy. I recommend buying a case and a good screen protector.

Moderate Screen Size and Resolution

The Galaxy Exhibit has an unusual screen size of 3.7 inches, sitting in between the more common sizes of 4 inches and 3.5 inches.

With the standard HDPI resolution of 800×400 it looks okay with 16 million color support but the screen doesn’t look so great when compared side by side with high end phones such as the G2x.

Expandable Storage

The Galaxy Exhibit has a total internal storage size of 4 GB but most of that is used by the System ROM and preinstalled applications.

Re-branding by T-Mobile

As of June 2012 T-Mobile USA has officially renamed the phone from “Samsung Exhibit II 4G” to “Samsung Galaxy Exhibit”. Some information is updated to reflect this change and some other resources such as links may still show as “Exhibit II” This is the same physical phone with a new name.

OTA Updates

T-Mobile Support – Galaxy Exhibit Software Update

Along with the renaming of the phone, T-Mobile has released an official firmware update to upgrade the device from Android 2.3.5 to 2.3.6. This update features some minor changes and bug fixes.

T-Mobile began pushing the OTA update on May 30, 2012 and the OTA update availability stops on June 15, 2012.

You can also update via Samsung Kies. If you have missed the OTA availability schedule listed above you will need to update using Samsung Kies.

See the link for more information about this update.

CyanogenMod and custom ROM users will not receive OTA updates from carriers if the are not running stock firmware.

Relation to Galaxy W

The Galaxy Exhibit takes on the same codename “Ancora” as another very similar phone, the Samsung Galaxy W.

The two major differences about the Galaxy W is it’s 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Scorpion Processor and 5 MP Camera.

The Galaxy Exhibit is a modified variant of the Galaxy W for T-Mobile in the United States.


The Galaxy Exhibit is a North American (en-US) GSM phone initially locked for use only with T-Mobile.

The Galaxy Exhibit is mainly popular for being available on T-Mobile’s Monthly4G prepaid plans.

This phone was previously only available at Walmart stores and as part of a marketing partnership between Walmart and T-Mobile USA.

Now the Galaxy Exhibit is also available at T-Mobile stores,, and retailers such as Walmart and Amazon.

Successor to Exhibit I

The Galaxy Exhibit is the successor to the original T-Mobile Samsung Exhibit.

The newer model features a larger screen size and improved hardware.

Samsung also removed the useless optical tracking sensor. (seriously, whats the point of including trackball hardware anyway if the device has a full touchscreen?)


ODIN = Yes, this phone has support for Samsung’s flashing method.

Root = Yes, this phone can obtain permanent root access through the one-click Zerg Rush method.

Custom ROMs = Yes, at this time flashable, working custom ROMs are available (see xda-developers)

Custom Kernels = Yes

AOSP / CM7 / MIUI / ICS = CyanogenMod (CM9) Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich AOSP beta is available. See the ROMs link below for the thread.

Custom Recovery = Yes, There is a fully working version of CWM Recovery.

Overclocking = Only Underclocking Supported at this time.


From XDA wiki

Extract the zip to your sdcard(internal) and not external_sd
Flash Recovery via adb or terminal from phone.

adb shell
dd if=/sdcard/recovery.img of=/dev/block/mmcblk0p13
reboot recovery

Latest Recovery ( here

To enter recovery: Turn phone off, hold volume down and power together.

Menu Keys: Home key = enter | Back key = back | VolUp/Dwn = highlight choice


ODIN is Samsung’s official mobile firmware flashing software method. It can be used to restore a phone to the stock firmware or flash custom firmware (ROMs) that is in ODIN format.

Step by Step instructions
xda-developers – ODIN Stock Flash Instructions – stubbakatt

1. If your phone is rooted, then you surely have the correct Samsung drivers installed to your PC already. The first time I connected my Galaxy Exhibit, all the drivers were automatically downloaded.

2. With your phone powered off, go into the Download (or Odin) mode by pressing the volume down and power buttons. When the screen with the exclamation mark appears, select the volume up button. You should now be in download mode.

3. Connect your Galaxy Exhibit to your PC.

2. Download this file and extract all the files. (Updated with new link)

3. Open Odin Multi Downloader v4.43.exe .

4. click on the OPS-Button and navigate to the folder with the extracted files and select Ancora.ops file.

5. Select the options: One Package, Protect OPS. I did not touch the Auto Reboot, Reset Time options.

6.Click on the One Package-Button and select the md5 file in the extracted folder.

7. Click on the Start button. The flashing process took around 5 minutes for me, at which point the phone rebooted into recovery mode to finish the process. I selected reboot the system.


Rooting Your Galaxy Exhibit (How-To w/drivers) xda-developers – Root instructions from DEV OP – VanillaTbone]Fortunately we have been able to gain root access using the Zerg Rush method. Use the instructions below to gain root on your Galaxy Exhibit.A. Download SGH-T679 USB Drivers (I have hosted them for you)

B. Enable USB Debugging Mode on your Galaxy Exhibit by going to Settings/Applications/Development and checking USB debugging.

C. Go ahead and unzip the USB drivers from section A and plug in your Galaxy Exhibit to the Computer.

D. When the “Installing New Hardware” or “Installing Drivers” notification comes up, please direct your computer to the unzipped directory. *Some with Windows 7 will not have to worry about this as your computer will automatically install the correct drivers*

E. Download Zerg Rush (I have hosted it for you)

F. Unzip Zerg Rush and run the batch file (runme.bat)

G. Sit back and watch as your Galaxy Exhibit is rooted!

== Custom ROMs ==

[CM10] [JB] CyanogenMod 10 for Galaxy Exhibit

[CM9] [NIGHTLY] CyanogenMod 9 Unofficial Nightlies for Galaxy Exhibit

[CM7] [KANG] CyanogenMod 7 for Galaxy Exhibit

[ICS] Pure Nexus ROM based on CyanogenMod 9 for Galaxy Exhibit

[ROOTED STOCK] [THEMED] Galaxy ExHibition for Galaxy Exhibit

[BETA] [AOKP] AOKP for Galaxy Exhibit from IRX120

[MIUIv4]  MIUI for Exhibit II

[STABLE] Peach Sunrise by jocala

[STABLE] RebelROM by bpear96

[STABLE] XquiziT by Wildchld

[DISCONTINUED] [CM9/UNOFFICIAL] CyanogenMod 9 for Exhibit II


== Custom Kernels ==

[CWM] Rooted Custom Kernel for Exhibit II by jocala

== Links ==

[INFO] [ACTIVE] Samsung Galaxy Exhibit 4G Info Thread

[INACTIVE] Samsung Exhibit II General Discussion Thread (For Non-Technical Discussion)

[INACTIVE] Samsung Exhibit II Dev Thread (Only For Serious Development/Technical Discussion)

=== Official IRC Channel ===

LATEST IRC: irc[dot]irchighway[dot]net channel #exhibit2 #galaxy_exhibit [UPDATED NEW CHAN. 9/2/2012]

IRC: channel #exhibit2dev

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